Candidates for ESS & E3F Election 2016

ESS & E3F Elections will take place Wednesday March 2nd & Thursday March 3rd.
You will be able to vote:
Online: 8:00 AM Wednesday March 2nd – 5:00pm Thursday March 3rd.
In person: 8:30-5:30 on Thursday March 3rd in front of the outpost. Please bring your student card if you intend to vote in person.
The following candidates are running for the following positions:
ESS President
Allyson Paris                       Michael Schlote
VP External
Clinton Baverstock               Sean Garrity                     Bradley Momberg
VP Internal
Rajroop Saini                       Anin Tafader
VP Finance
Liam Kelly                          Annas Mohib                      Kyle Rodrigues
VP Social
VP Sponsorships
VP Publications
             Grame face
Younus Mohib                  Adrian Pomber                 Graeme Thacker
2nd Year Mechanical Rep
4th Year Mechanical Rep

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