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theRack – March 2023

In this issue of the moosepaper, read about the origins of the Chicken Waffle Club Club, discover more about one of our favourite civil engineering professors, and experience conferences and the degree project season through the eyes of our members!

Western’s Undergraduate Engineering Society Lounge

At the 2023 Ontario Engineering Competition, Lakehead’s representatives explored the Western UES lounge. Complete with pool tables, foosball, a snazzy piano, and a CANNON, the lounge felt like home, but cooler.

The highlight of the trip, however, was the actual competition, and as promised in the article, we’ve secured a second opinion.

Bug Push – TMU

Last semester, we hosted the 40th annual Bus Pull in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters Thunder Bay, and the November edition of theRack featured some history of the event. We decided to continue exploring more wholesome engineering society traditions in this issue, and TMU agreed to share their well-loved 24 hour event: the Bug Push.

Lettuce Club

What is the Lettuce Club? We found the following excerpt on Wikipedia, but visual aid is needed to completely grasp the glory of this concept.

lettuce club is a student organization that holds events in which members compete to be the first to finish eating an entire head of lettuce. Originating at the Maine School of Science and Mathematics, the phenomenon of lettuce clubs spread after being mentioned in a viral Tumblr post.

Wikipedia contributors. (2022, August 31). Lettuce club. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved March 21, 2023, from

The video below captures the the popularity of the annual McGill Lettuce Club. Enjoy!


Beatrice’s coveralls also feature a custom Beatrice-sized Lakehead patch. At one time, she also had Lakehead’s white stripes, which you can see on Beatrice’s Instagram.

Thanks for sharing Beatrice with us, Erica!

Another interesting mascot is the University of Saskatoon’s RoadBear. We’ll let the post below speak for itself.

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