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2023: A Photo Recap

Peace out, 2023. ✌ What are our thoughts on the year?

Frosh – We definitely impressed the first years with our slip-and-slide and our taste in cheese. 🧀

Back to the Bay – You all like cardboard cowboy hats. Noted. 🤠

Bus Pull – We raised over $900 for Big Brothers Big Sisters! 🚌

Car Smash – That Buick Rendezvous rendezvoused its last rendezvous. 🔨

PEO-SC – Students across Ontario flew to Thunder Bay to
learn about next steps after graduation, and we were a
sponsor! Behold our commitment to professionalism! 👔 In all
seriousness, though, we couldn’t be prouder of the PEO-SC
organizing committee.

LEC – Our largest engineering competition in YEARS culminated in 8 impressive prototypes. Hats off to you all (because we know you like hats. Hopefully we’ll restock our bucket hats next semester). ⚙️

Sewing Night – Sewing is a top-notch excuse not to study. We apologize to the faculty for hosting such a distracting event. 🧵

Industry Night – The industry representatives were no doubt impressed. We kinda want to hire you all instead. If we only had the budget… 🥲

What did you think of our events? Fill out our feedback form or share in the comments if you’re brave.

Here’s to an even better 2024. 💜

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