The Engineering Student Society (ESS) of Lakehead University is an organization that collaborates with students, professors and industry professionals to enhance the quality of students’ education experience at LU. Our club hosts a variety of events that allow students to gain relationships with their peers, professors and industry professionals.

Over the course of the school year the ESS will be participating in multiple speaker series, professional development workshops, conferences, sporting events, social events and engineering competitions. These events provide a challenging and rewarding experience for our students that will broaden their skill set to ensure that upon graduation they are ready to meet the challenges that industry offers. In short, the purpose of the Lakehead University Engineering Students society is as follows:

  • To publicly promote the science of engineering and the knowledge of its membership in connection with all facets of engineering.
  • To promote and support educational, social and athletic events
  • To provide information to the membership regarding all professional engineering organizations
  • To promote the history and traditions of the profession of engineering
  • To hold and attend conferences, meetings and exhibitions for the discussion of engineering problems and the exchange of views in matters related to engineering
  • To maintain and uphold the objectives of the ESS and to constantly encourage membership participation in ESS endeavours.
ESS at Bus Pull 2018

Students who participate in these events not only experience an enriched educational experience, but also learn many of the skills that are not taught in class, such as teamwork, collaboration and the ability to have fun.

The ESS is run by student volunteers, and we can always use an extra hand, so check out the home page for volunteer opportunities, or come visit our office and speak to an ESS representative for more details.

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