President – Julie Hauth

As President I have been responsible for being the public face of the ESS to the public, other student groups, and faculty at Lakehead. I’ve been the great enabler of the society in ensuring that everything runs smoothly and everyone has what they need to accomplish their roles. My recent project include acquiring more club space, improving community relations through charity events, and helping to start our EngiQueers group. I’ve been the main source of information for all concerns or questions and look forward to continuing to expand our reach both online and in the school.

VP External – Lauren Kennedy

You can catch flies with honey, but you can catch more honeys bein’ fly.”

VP Finance – Brent Leonard

I’m a 4th-year Chemical Engineering student who transitioned from College during the summer of 2016. Currently, I am at a COOP with Resolute but have been given the privilege to maintain my role with ESS. I deal will all finance related items within the ESS organization. This includes being the main bookkeeper and managing the merchandise. If you have any questions about ESS or ESS finances feel free to contact me at and I would be happy to help!

“Has a job”

VP Internal – Mitchel Brown

I Mithel
The Mithel
He Mithel
El Mithel

VP Publication – Kenneth Byers

I like sleeping outdoors and going for long walks in the mall early on Saturday mornings. I tried to use the self-checkout at Wal-Mart last weekend but it was really hard to figure out and I had to ask for help. Life is all about learning where your boundaries are, and how to expand them into the wild blue yonder. I often told my kids that if I were an eagle I would fly into the sun.”

VP Sponsorship – Adam Genno

Hello, My name is Adam F. Genno. My hobbies include outdoor recreology Activities, and Playing instruments. I hope that everyone has questions about what I actually do, as I seem to have fun talking to companies for the ESS. if you have any questions, please ask me”

VP Social – Brianne Walford

Wassup Guys, It’s Brianne. Call me Brian, it’s preferred. I like interpretive dancing on the beach and crying emotionally to my favourite book Stuart Little. I’m the OG B.U.C.K.E.T founder. Got lots of bomb events and stuff for y’all so come on out and have a blast. Peace m8s


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