As the Engineering Student Society relies on engineering students’ contributions to continue operating, it is our practice to make public our budgets and spending where possible. Our 2022-2023 budget began at the end of November 2022.

Quarterly updates on our budget and spending will be provided periodically throughout the year, including at our annual general meetings. For more information, please contact the VP of Finance at

The 2022/2023 budget can be accessed below:

Below is our 2021/2022 budget and spending (to date, as of July 2022):

Predicted Spending
Total: $101 640.28
Extra Funding: 31.7%
Miscellaneous: 7.4%
Print Costs: 7.9%
Events: 20.3%
Merchandise: 4.9%
Cannon Paint: 0.2%
Conferences: 17.8%
Degree Funding: 9.8%
Actual Expenses:
Total; $22 128.25
Miscellaneous: 6.0%
Print Costs: 3.7%
Degree Funding: 31.4%
Conferences: 10.1%
Events: 37.2 %
Merchandise: 11.6%
The ESS’s expenses to date are described above (as of July 2022).