Engineering FROSH is a long standing tradition amongst first year undergraduate engineering students. It is here that you meet many of the friends you will have throughout your engineering degree, and where you have the opportunity to participate in the engineering tradition of PURPLING.

At Lakehead, team yellow & team blue have battled viciously for years.  Last year, team blue emegerged victorious. We do not have a sorting hat like at Hogwarts, we instead rely on the wisdom of our mascot – “theMoose”.

This years FROSH takes place on Saturday September 9th & Sunday September 10th, right by the Engineering Cannon located near Lake Tamblyn.

What to wear: Running shoes & athletic apparel that you don’t mind getting stained & wet

What to bring: Your game face

What you’ll get: Water, snacks & lunch

It will contain: Your t-shirt, a water bottle, a coupon for 20% off covies, 1 ESS Patch, your frosh patch, powerade & much much more

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