As noted on the Main page, the ESS’ webpage is currently in the planning stages, and as well, the Executive is planning many of these events despite being in different provinces and countries. Due to these factors, please double check with the ESS facebook page to confirm the time and date of an event!

ESS Summer Student Celebration – September 4th, 2016

Every summer at Lakehead over 200 students come from around the country to complete Lakehead’s Engineering Summer Transition Program. In order to celebrate the completion of the engineering Summer Transition, the ESS will hold an event at the Outpost. Giveaways include FREE T-shirts, ESS Merchandise, and MORE!

Engineering OrientationSeptember 10th, 2016

This event is held for all the first year and engineering transfer students at LU. It will consist of activities such as slip and slide, catapult building, free food, free T-shirts, ESS Merchandise, and other great prizes. The day begins with the firing of the Big Thunder, the cannon. Then students are split into two teams, blue and yellow, to participate in various activities throughout the day. Students make new friends for the coming school year and get to meet the ESS members. The winning team receives the honour  of painting Big Thunder at the end of the day. This event is deeply rooted in tradition and signifies the official start of the school year for engineers!

Creative Recreation Activities for the Weekend at Lakehead (CRAWL) – September 30th, 2016

This social event is for students who have reached the age of majority and its primary purpose is to encourage friendships between engineers in different disciplines and years. Events include beach volleyball, bowling, pool, and trivia. A T-shirt is included with the price of a ticket. A bus will take the participants to different restaurants, at which participants will take part in recreational activities.

Fall ScavENG – Month of October, 2016

ScavENG is absolutely free to enter. All you need to compete is:

  • A team of up to 4 people (Sign up Online)
  • A team name and logo (submitted to ESS after registration)
  • Some sort of picture taking device (phone/camera)

You will be required to find/pose and eat various things throughout the month. Get a team together and see how much you can accomplish!

Annual Charity Bus PullOctober 5th, 2016

Gather your team and be the first to haul a bus around the Agora circle – not only for bragging rights and prizes – but to raise money for the Boys and Girls club too!

 Fall Design CompetitionNovember 12th, 2016

Held in the NEW Maker-space, this event is the precursor to the Lakehead Engineering Competition. Students are given one (1) hour to design a solution to a simple engineering problem that involves a ping pong ball. Competition includes prizes of 4 x $50 prizes for 1st place, ESS SWAG for best dressed team, most enthusiastic team and coolest design.

Arduino Programming TutorialNovember & December 2016

If you’re interested in competing in the Lakehead Engineering Competition (LEC) in January, 2017, you might be interested in this tutorial. In recent years, the Ontario Engineering Competition has incorporated robotics into Senior Design, and this year, like last year at LU, we’ll be doing the same. Anyone who signs up for LEC will automatically be invited to learn basic programming and applications. From previous years, it is highly recommended to include a software or electrical engineer on your LEC team if you know one

MovemberTake a guess, 2016

We’re still trying to get some of our favourite professors on board, but keep an eye out for them as volunteers. Money will be raised by donation – each professor will have a couple options of mustaches they will be forced to wear – whichever moustache raises the most money will be the one that must be worn on their first day of class in December.

Lakehead Engineering Competition (LEC)January 21st, 2017

LEC is the one event you do NOT want to miss! This all-day competition focuses purely on quick, innovative design. Students will compete in teams of up to four. After given the problem statement, participants will have 5-6 hours to create a solution that fulfills the design requirements. Students are encouraged to join in multi-discipline teams in order to maximize problem solving potential.

LEC will consist of four categories:

Junior Team Design

Senior Team Design

Engineering Communications


Winners from each category will be entered in and attend the Ontario Engineering Competition in Ottawa at Carleton University in early February 2017.

Ontario Engineering Competition (OEC)February, 2017

As mentioned, the winners of this years Lakehead Engineering Competition will be sent to Ottawa to compete with universities from across Ontario. This is an extremely professional event and a great opportunity to meet industry reps and like-minded students from across Canada.

If a winning team cannot make the OEC, the team placing 2nd will be selected.

ESS and LUNA Winter FormalFebruary 3rd, 2017

The Formal is an annual tradition between the engineering and nursing student societies of Lakehead. While the event is hosted by the engineering and nursing student societies, everyone and anyone is welcome (as long as they have a ticket). In case you don’t know, a formal is a night where everyone dresses up in formal attire and enjoys a seated meal, dancing, and fun. Basically, now that you’ve bonded with your fellow engineers, it’s time to practice those social skills in the real world!

Winter ScavENGMonth of February, 2017

The same as the fall, only different! If you enjoyed yourself in October, see if you can get more points, or get a little crazier this time! There will be snow!

Lakehead Engineering ConferenceMarch, 2017

This event represents a significant opportunity for companies that are looking for graduating engineers to employ. Introduced this year, the goal of the 2016 Lakehead Engineering Conference is the following:

– Showcase the degree projects of the different disciplines of engineering at Lakehead to the public and to industry representatives

– Provide professional development to students in the form of:

– Industry speakers

– Graduating students speaking of their experiences

– Foster closer relationships between students and professors

This event has never actually been held before, so we are still working with the individual department chairs to make this happen. If you think this is something that you’d like to participate in, either as a volunteer or as a fourth year presenter, let us know!!


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