Our merch is available throughout the year. While the CSCE holds an annual engineering clothing sale in the winter, the ESS is your source for coveralls, patches, and bucket hats. Just pop by the office (UC 0015) to purchase your Lakehead ESS swag!

If you’re a Georgian student, contact essgc@lakeheadu.ca to make a purchase, but if you’re out of town, we can ship! Send essfina@lakeheadu.ca an email for details.



We just received a new shipment of our classic navy blue coveralls, so pick up your size for only $25, while supplies last!


Some patches below are simply too valuable to sell (you’ve got to earn them), but $3.50/patch is the standard price.

This basic patch goes on your right breast pocket.
We give out yellow and blue moose at Frosh.
The Scav-ENG champions are gifted with this golden patch.
Super Moose graces the coveralls of all ESS volunteers.
So colourful!
Participate in the Lakehead Engineering Competition to get an LEC patch.
Even if you do a mediocre job at Scav-ENG, you still get a patch.
The summer transition was worth it for the patch. Right? Right?!
Wait for Chicken Waffle Club Days at the Outpost to earn this patch. Carpe Wafflem!
The cool new chemical engineering patches are a great trade!
This classic relic of the good old days is still available.
The Duckling patch is earned by all participants of the Duckling mentoring program.
The old civil patch features a crane.
What a beautiful bridge!
Participate in the BBBS bus pull to earn this purple patch.
Gear up for our events
with the mechanical engineering

Bucket Hats

We can’t keep up with the hat demand; they’re just too wildly popular! We’re currently ordering more, including a NEW COLOUR, so set $15 aside and stay tuned.

Other Goodies