New this year, the Engineering Student Society will be participating in National Engineering Month, NEM for short. The month is a way of informing the public of various social issues that engineers are responsible for solving and simultaneously inspiring future generations to pursue and look into the field of engineering as a career.

During the month at event will be held on a weekend, to be decided soon so stay tuned, at the Intercity Shopping centre. There, three large main community problems that can be solved through engineering will be presented; they could include anything from improving the water shortage in Northern communities to encouraging women in engineering. Teams, consisting of one high school student, one university/college student, and one professional engineer, then compete to create the best possible solutions to the problems given.  Afterwards, the solutions will be presented at the event to the public to be voted on.

In addition to the competition, various guest speakers and presentations including various other social issues, innovative fourth-year design projects from Lakehead University, and professional engineers speaking on different aspects of the field will happen throughout the event.

Finally, the event will showcase new and upcoming technologies in the industry like 3D printers to show the public that engineering isn’t only about crunching numbers, but solving a variety of problems any way possible. There will be games for children to encourage and challenge the next generation to consider and enjoy engineering.

The event is sure to be a great way to meet with professionals in the industry and find out what engineering is really all about. Be sure to check it out.


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