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Directorship Applications Are Open!

The ESS offers a broad range of services and projects which require volunteers with an equally broad range of interests and skills. Take on one of the positions below to contribute to your community in a flexible and fulfilling way and enhance your university experience.

  • Financial Director (Help the executive stay on budget)
  • NEM Director (National Engineering Month coordinator, run NEM events with PEO, 3-4 positions)
  • Graphic Design Director (Produce publications for our events and initiatives, such as posters)
  • Director of Merchandise (Keep our inventory up to date)
  • Event Director (Help our VP Social organize and run events, 2-4 positions)
  • Photographer (Take pictures during our events)
  • Scientific Garbologist (Help the Executive keep our office and event spaces clean)
  • Cannon Committee (Paint Big THUNDER throughout the year for various occasions)
  • Diversity and Inclusivity Director (Help make ESS more inclusive and co-ordinate with Pride Central)
  • Year and Discipline Representatives (Announce ESS events and updates to your entire class)
  • Sustainability Director (Help make ESS more sustainable through events and suggestions)
  • Meeting Minute Taker (Attend all ESS meetings and record minutes)
  • Discord Moderator
  • Podcast Host (Interview alumni, students, and faculty and talk about ESS events on our podcast)

The 2022/23 application period closes September 16th.

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