The Engineering Student Society (ESS) of Lakehead University is an organization that collaborates with students, professors, and industry professionals to enhance the quality of students’ educational experience at LU. 

Over the course of the school year, the ESS will be participating in and hosting speaker series, professional development workshops, conferences, sporting events, social events, and engineering competitions. These events represent challenging and rewarding experiences for our students that will broaden their skill set to ensure that upon graduation, they are ready to meet the challenges that industry offers. In short, the purpose of the Lakehead University Engineering Student Society is as follows:

  • To publicly promote the science of engineering and the knowledge of its membership in connection with all facets of engineering.
  • To promote and support educational, social, and athletic events
  • To provide information to the membership regarding all professional engineering organizations
  • To promote the history and traditions of the profession of engineering
  • To hold and attend conferences, meetings, and exhibitions for the discussion of engineering problems and the exchange of views in matters related to engineering
  • To maintain and uphold the objectives of the ESS and to constantly encourage membership participation in ESS endeavours.
ESS at Bus Pull 2018

Students who participate in these events not only experience an enriched educational experience, but also learn many of the skills that are not taught in class, such as teamwork, collaboration, and the ability to have fun.

The ESS is run by student volunteers, and we can always use an extra hand, so check out the home page for volunteer opportunities or come visit our office and speak to an ESS representative for more details.

ESS roles include:

The President:

The president presides and chairs over any and all ESS executive meetings, and supervises and directs the duties of the Executive Officers. The president’s responsibilities are outlined below:

  1. Preparing the agenda for meetings in conjunction with input from the ESS Executive and the engineering student body.
  2. Acting as the liaison with professional and public organizations (non-student), as well as with the media.
  3. Acting as the liaison with the Dean of Engineering to maintain the lines of communication.
  4. Monitoring all incoming physical mail (at the LUSU Office and at Dean’s Office), and performing all duties and responsibilities outlined in ESS Policy and Standard Operating Procedures.
  5. Performing additional duties of the ESS President as outlined in the E3F constitution.  

VP External:

The VP External represents the Lakehead ESS in student organizations on the provincial and federal level. They take on many roles throughout the year:

  1. Acting as the liaison with all student organizations (outside of the university).
  2. Assuming overall accountability to ensure that the ESS remains in good standing with ESSCO and CFES by:
    1. Attending all conferences and teleconferences as required, or providing a proxy vote for the conferences.
    2. Ensuring all delegate & membership fees are paid in a timely manner.
    3. Bidding on conferences on behalf of ESS as required, or assembling a team to bid on upcoming conferences as required.
  3. Selecting delegates to attend conferences on behalf of Lakehead University Engineering.
  4. Keeping the President and the other Executive Officers informed of all non—Lakehead University engineering student initiatives.
  5. Assuming the duties of the President if he/she is unable to fulfill the duties for which he/she was elected.
  6. Performing all duties and responsibilities outlined in ESS Policy and Standard Operating Procedures.

VP Internal:

The VP Internal maintains student-faculty communication and manages student affairs. Their full responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Developing and maintaining student development programs and events.
  2. Developing and maintaining programs and events to promote and advocate for diversity, in accordance with Clause 2.7.
  3. Attending engineering faculty meetings as set by the Dean’s office.
    1. If the V.P. Internal cannot attend the President shall attend in his/her place.
  4. Acting as the liaison between the student body and the Faculty of Engineering concerning, but not limited to, disputes between students and professors.
  5. Recording, typing, and distributing the minutes of any and all ESS meetings in a timely fashion.
  6. Maintain and monitor an organized filing system in conjunction with all Executive Officers.

VP Sponsorship:

The VP Sponsorship appeals for community support on behalf of the ESS and organizes opportunities for students to connect with industry professionals. They are also charged with the services below:

  1. Managing the procurement of loans, donations, sponsorships, and external financing.
  2. Developing and maintaining any and all relationships between ESS and sponsors.
  3. Supporting of conference sponsorship procurement in the event Lakehead is to host an ESSCO or CFES conference.
  4. Performing all duties and responsibilities outlined in ESS Policy and Standard Operating Procedures.

VP Social:

The VP Social organizes the ESS’s event calendar throughout each term and fulfills the following commitments:

  1. Planning and directing all social, charity, and athletic functions including but not limited to:
    1. FROSH
    2. The Lakehead Engineering Competition
    3. The Bus Pull
    4. The Engineering-Nursing Formal.
  2. Coordinating with other societies to plan social functions.
  3. Performing all duties and responsibilities outlined in ESS Policy and Standard Operating Procedures.

VP Finance:

The VP Finance handles the society’s funds and holds the responsibilities below:

  1. Preparing a monthly record of finances to be presented to the Executive Officers.
  2. Once elected preparing a fiscal budget in conjunction with all Executive Officers for the upcoming year.
  3. Ensuring the proper and timely settlement of all ESS financial transactions.
  4. Handling all monies associated with the ESS.
  5. Performing all duties and responsibilities outlined in ESS Policy and Standard Operating Procedures.

VP Publications:

The VP Publications maintains regular and accurate communication with the engineering student body through the following commitments:

  1. Ensuring the proper and timely publication of the “Engenda” prior to start of September classes.
  2. Ensuring the proper and timely publication of fall and winter semester editions of the RACK.
  3. Ensuring the timely maintenance of the ESS website and other social media outlets including but not limited to the ESS Facebook page.
  4. Performing all duties and responsibilities outlined in ESS Policy and Standard Operating Procedures.

VP Georgian:

The VP Georgian