Name: Kayla Huneau

Program: Chemical

Favourite Food: Bagels

Hometown: Thunder Bay

VP External

Name: Wadika Faisal

Program: Civil with a Minor in Computing Science 

Hometown: St. Albert

Favorite Sport: Studying for finals 

Favorite thing to do when traveling?: Finding engineering trees

VP Finance

Name: Maxmillian Westerlund

Program: Mechanical

VP Internal

Name: Jamie Grasley

Program: Chemical

VP Social

Name: Marlies Ilott

Program: Chemical

VP Sponsorship

Name: Sajan Bugg

Program: Mechanical

Likes: Eggs, Cookies, Ur Mom

Dislikes: Oatmeal, The Nissan Juke, Oatmeal Again

“You can’t fix stupid, but you can muffle it with duck tape.”


VP Georgian

Name: Jacky Wu

Program: Electrical

VP Publications

Name: Amanda Pacholczak

Program: Chemical

Weakness: Losing Things

Biggest Fears: Bears and Failure

Favourite Book: The ENGenda

(make sure you get one!)


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