The ESS has several traditions and a rich history since its founding. Below is a list of our history and Engineering Traditions for the Lakehead ESS

Big Thunder

The Engineering Student Society has a long and varied history, the most iconic of which begins with our cannon, Big Thunder. The cannon is located in the Centennial Building courtyard, was built in 1972 by a loyal and faithful band of engineers to stand as a symbol of engineering at Lakehead. There were many reasons for choosing a cannon as an engineering symbol.

Engineering Coveralls

Engineering Coveralls have been a large part of making Engineering fun at Lakehead University. An Engineer is easy to spot in their blue coveralls, and yellow bucket hat. They are more commonly used for competitions, events, and conferences.

Iron Ring

The Iron Ring is a symbol of humility and continuity. Most of all, the Iron Ring reminds the Engineer of the oath taken during the Ritual and that they must take due care in making decisions, consideration for life and safety must be Paramount.

Engineering Sculpture

This sculpture was donated to Lakehead University by the first graduating class of Engineering in 1974. It is entitled “Upward from the north”, by John Duncanson.

Lady Godiva

Whenever you find Engineers, you will hear the Engineer’s Hymn. Lady Godiva is popular with students at most North American universities. Godiva is not a fictitious woman of whom the Engineers sing, but a true historical figure who actually rode through the streets of Coventry, England to save the townsfolk from their burdensome taxes.

The Moose

After The Moose joined the society, he taught the humans about what he used to do with his friends. They began going out with The Moose, building some days and drinking on others, and became his new best friends. The Moose can often be spotted at ESS events and every night there were reports of missing alcohol and moose sightings.

Engineering Hymn

The hymn is an engineering tradition among North American Schools, and Lakehead is no different. The lyrics of the song can be considered graphic material, so if you (the reader) would like to learn the song please contact the Society or guess the password.

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